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Toward more compact and user-friendy solutions

To reduce footprint, Serac developed ultra-compact semi-automatic machines, monobloc equipment (blower-filler-capper; rinser-filler-cappers etc.) and complete line services with optimized line sizes.




- 25% floor space vs. a similar line equipped with an accumulation conveyor.

- 10kW energy reduction vs. a similar line equipped with an accumulation conveyor.

Better production quality as no damage can occur to the containers since they are continually kept in position.

New generation Filler-Capper   

FC Exoskeleton

The design of this machine is based on an exoskeleton with two sliding doors and an articulated pendant arm.

This design provides a highly reduced footprint and total visibility on the product circulation and machine components.



R1B1 packaging line

An extremely compact single-operator filling-capping line of 2x2m. Additional components can be added such as cap sorter and labeler.