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Descaling and Disinfecting

As for all other detergents, manufacturers differentiate themselves through innovative packaging, original fragrances and more concentrated antibacterial formulas.




  Clorox bleach  Domestos 

Dedicated solutions for corrosive products


For toilet cleaning and disinfecting, most household products use a creamy texture to adhere to the bowl.

These often contain hydrochloric acid or sodium hypochlorite (bleach), the highly corrosive chemicals that attack certain material such as aluminum.

Refer to the Serac RC range.

Beyond a standard answer to technical specifications, Serac value extends through creative, scalable, easy to use and simple solutions ...

Serac is frequently selected to meet complex needs, combining fast speeds, frequent change-overs and difficult products to measure. For example, it is possible to combine multiple filling-capping turrets for mono-bloc or duo-bloc products (below).


Duo bloc WC





Machine duo bloc
  Mono or duo-bloc WC of small volumes  160 cpm filler