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Achieve true product savings with the weight filling system.

Home savings

Standard deviation and mean value, two very distinct notions that can be misleading.

The mean filling value is in itself capable of quantifying the product consumption in a batch. Indeed, only the mean value of a batch defines the total quantity of product used to produce a batch.

Each filling station on a Serac machine is equipped with an electronic automatic adjustment system to within 0.1 g of the mean value, thus enabling a true reduction in product loss.


The standard deviation value, or amplitude of weight variations around the mean value, is often accentuated by the manufacturers of filling machines. This in no way allows quantification of product savings, but is nonetheless important for the respect of legal obligations regarding the minimum fill volume in each container.

Deviation analysis

The level of precision Serac machines is at least 7 times more accurate that the legal European requirements for a 1,000g container

The art of weight filling, by Serac

A pioneer of weight filling rotary machine since 1969 and market leader, the Serac Group has a simple and effective philosophy: mastering the dosing technology from A to Z.

This involves the production of its own electronic components (such as electronic filling cards) and the internal development of its own dosing algorithms.

Electronic card

This approach and expertise differ from the competition and allows Serac to propose specific and optimized filling solutions.