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Weight filling technology for household cleaning products

Weight filling technology is the only filling technology that controls the amount of product while it goes into the bottle, not after !

This type of filling is this particularly appreciated for the fact that it avoids overfills: by measuring the weight directly in the container (net weight), the weight filling system takes into account the changes in pressure, temperature or nature of the oil and systematically corrects the fill drift, even the slightest, without the need for human intervention.


A weight filler includes one or more stations that support the containers to be filled. Each filling station includes a nozzle and a charge detector (or scale). It is a simplistic yet highly efficiency mechanism !

Weight filling

Key benefits of weight filling

  • Guarantees that each container is filled with the nominal quantity
  • Permanent Weight Control detects abnormalities of filling (deformed package ...)
  • Unique technology through the control of the quantity after filling
  • Accuracy of filling enables product savings
  • Immediate adjustment of parameters of each filling nozzle
  • System adapts to intrinsic changes of the product during production cycle
  • Solution insensitive to the product temperature and aeration
Software production management solution
Software production management solution

Electronically controlled weight scales

  • Embedded electronics is compact with simple maintenance
  • The software management solution FCS + offers multiple dosing modes allowing an increase in production up to 15%!
  • The user interface is simple and intuitive for your operators
  • The FCS + system also helps you improve your performance through clear supervision of your production indicators

The art of weight filling, by Serac

A pioneer of weight filling rotary machine since 1969 and market leader, the Serac Group has a simple and effective philosophy: mastering the dosing technology from A to Z.

This involves the production of its own electronic components (such as electronic cards filling) and the internal development of its own dosing algorithms.

This approach and expertise differ from the competition and allows Serac to propose specific and optimized filling solutions.