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Surface Care Products

Surface care products are certainly those where the variety of packaging is the largest among detergents. From trigger sprays (very trendy nowadays for frequent cleaning of small areas) up to the 5 liter container for industrial use.


Cif spray  Surface care   Surface care

A single filling nozzle for all your products !

Multiflow IP filling nozzle
Multiflow IP filling nozzle


To remain competitive, manufacturers must offer extended customer choices and use scalable and flexible production equipment.


With the Multiflow nozzle, there is no need to compromise between foamy and viscous products on the same filling line. The operator simply selects the product & package from the management console to adjust the filling cycles. There are no more screens to clean, no test series to go through, and non production time is considerably reduced.

Foaming Reduction with Multiflow IP Nozzle

Abrasive gel cleaners

Used to give surface tiles a shiny look, whehther enameled or in stainless steel, abrasive gel cleaners contain calcium carbonate and are sometimes fortified with bleach.

When choosing a filling machine, one should be careful with the assembly materials. It is best is to work with a machine supplier who has sufficient experience to judge product compatibility.

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