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More Compact Product Tanks

Industrial effluents can be highly polluting and not compatible with public purification systems. Manufacturers are often bound to treat them locally or have them removed by a third party specialist.

The product tank of a filler helps prevent changes in flow and facilitate accurate dosing. Nevertheless, the presence of a tank can slow down product change operations with tank draining and cleaning processes.


Aware of these preoccupations, Serac offers numerous alternatives adapted to your process and production constraints:



Filler with compact tanks and deported nozzles

Deported nozzles - reduced tank size

This solution offers an alternative to traditional machines to benefit from both the accuracy of weight filling and an economical closed-loop cleaning circuit.



Fillers with compact diffuser

Tank less filling machine

The product tank is replaced by a diffuser that regulates the flow of pressure so that each package is properly filled even when the machine speeds up or slows down.




Tank less fillers

Tankless filler

The compact diffuser allows for a simplified product circuit and the limited manifold considerably reduces the consumption of cleaning water and product loss at the end of production cycles.

The absence of a tank is made possible thanks to the new filling nozzles and their Dynavalve Push / Pull technology which regulates in real time the filling rate according to the weight in the container.



Automatic tanks cleaning

Designed and fitted to clean 100 % of the machine

Serac CIP systems are conceived to clean 100 per cent of the machine interior by removing any product traces. Our typical CIP system enables to clean both inside and outside the tank (scales, table and filling nozzles) via spray jets of highly turbulent, high flow-rate solution (water or detergent). Enlarged drains around the machine guarantee a clean environment.