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High speed pump capping now made possible

eMC High Speed Capper
eMC High Speed Capper


 Over 400 strokes per minute

The eMC capper has been designed to meet the ramp-up need of manufacturers who decide to operate less industrial sites and thus concentrate their production.

Configured with 12 heads, the eMC capper will be able to reach an output of 420 pump bottles per minute, that is, 35 pumps per minute for each capping head. It thus ranks at the highest productivity level of its category.


Fully electronic for optimum quality

eMC for electronic motion control: the new Serac capping machine is entirely controlled by B&R electronic components, which deliver optimum flexibility and accuracy at every step of the capping process.

Each spindle uses two separate brushless motors: the first one controls the torque application as well as the spindle rotation speed while the second is used to manage the electronic cam (up and down movement for tube straightening and pressing force). Spindle rotation and up and down movements are independent, which allows grasping and releasing of the pumps with the spindle at standstill. This way, pumps are protected (threads and outer grooves) and screwing speed is not linked to the machine rotation speed.

Consistent use of electronics also simplifies production parameter management and allows qualifying of the screwing cycle (applied torque, number of rotations) for traceability and performance analysis purposes.

The machine speed is severely reduced here to better illustrate the grasp and alignment of the dip tube.

Capping machines for home care recipients


Serac designs and assembles its own capping turrets to stick closer to your needs and fully control the maintenance.

Serac can advise you on the best machine driving technology to suit your application:


  • Magnetic drive with a low acquisition cost for standard applications

  • Pneumatics drive for increased versatility of capping operation: screw-on, push-on, cap orientation and push-on or screw...

  • Servo-motor drive for sensitive and complex capping applications requiring full orientation and real-time torque traceability for each capping head.

Seek differentiation with the cap !

Wide range of caps and capping techniques


In terms of detergents closure, the offer is also not far behind. Marketers compete creatively to improve ergonomics while promoting the corporate identity with caps of various colors, triggers, dosing caps etc...


The wide range of caps and capping techniques on the market push manufacturers to rely more and more on modular and versatile capers.


Move to brushless !

Full brushless capper


Brushless cappers are particularly suitde for oriented caps, for exemple in the case of pouring spout. They also offer real time torque effort traceability. 

The eTCS can handle the most complex caps with a high level of consistency.


The eTCS capping jaws can be used, withouth changes, for push-on or screw-on operations. This considerably speed-up change-overs !

To push-on triggers sprays, the eTCS can be equiped with an additional turret used to align dip tubes.